Oppent’s Automatic Waste System (AWS) was selected among the first 259 Italian innovations to participate in “Italia degli innovatori” (Italian Innovators) – a project promoted by the National Agency for innovation technology distribution.
The project aims to select Italian top-notch companies, based on criteria of product or process innovation, and then to accompany these towards high-potential markets, offering a high-level showcase for new commercial opportunities. The goal of the project is to discover a new Italy, different from the classic design-fashion-luxury goods focused country we already know: a country that can be in top of the class field even in areas traditionally considered others’ prerogative, such as high-grade technology and groundbreaking innovation.
The innovations taken into account for the Italian Innovators range from the construction industry to environmental conservation; from healthcare to artistic heritage tutelage; and from communication to e-government and security.
Oppent’s “Automatic Waste System” has been included in the list of Italian innovations from the “ Environment” category.

Italian innovators – 2011 edition
In this year’s edition of Italian Innovators there are four target countries (selected on the basis of their high development rates) towards which the selected projects will be accompanied: China, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.
Every company selected as “Innovator” will have the possibility to choose whether to participate or not in the programmed missions and to the subsequent bilateral meetings. In any case it will participate in a multimedia exhibit, where its project will be introduced by a video.