EVOlab™ runs the biggest Italian laboratory

The first EVOlab™ has been delivered at the Ospedale Maggiore of Bologna. This is a special version of EVOcart™ developed for the hospital.
Oppent excellence in engineering has answered to the needs of the facility with a robot 40 cm shorter and 70 kg lighter than EVOcart™.
The vehicle has been customized in order to make the handling operations within the new Unique Metropolitan Laboratory of the hospital. First in Italy for volumes of performances and technological and organizational innovation, the laboratory will handle about 78,000 test tubes per day, for more than 18 million tests per year. In addition to the robot, the system is equipped with 1 sending station and 7 receiving stations located in different areas of the building.
EVOlab™ will guarantee the hospital the complete automation of the operations, ensuring high standards in terms of quality and safety.