The History

2010 – TODAY

In 2010 Oppent achieved, among others, two major successes in the healthcare sector: the contract for the Ca ‘Granda Niguarda Hospital in Milan and the Spanish University Hospital Sant Joan de Reus, a state-of-the-art healthcare facility. In the same year Oppent obtained the realization of the first plant for urban waste management in a residential area. The Automatic Waste System designed for Eurosky Tower, part of the new Business Park Europarco in Rome, enables automated transport of separated waste from the tower’s floors to a centralized collection point, to the benefit of the residents, the urban decor and the environment. In the future of Oppent all the conditions are set for continued growth, increasingly looking beyond national borders to identify and take advantage of the opportunities offered by overseas markets. On the one hand the company will pursue the challenge of eco sustainability, proposing pneumatic conveyance as the ideal solution to the problem of urban waste, while on the other hand it will promote the use of technologies for the automation of internal transport in healthcare to rationalize resources and achieve economic benefits.

2004 – 2009

In the 2000s Oppent increasingly proposed pneumatic transport system to the world of healthcare: these systems proved to be successful in meeting handling requirements for laboratory samples, blood bags and drugs. Oppent gradually expanded its range intended for the healthcare sector by integrating other products in its portfolio such as Automated Guided Vehicle, technology for the automatic transport of meals, laundry, waste and general supplies in hospitals facilities. In recent years, moreover, the company has taken up the eco sustainable challenge by proposing an innovative system for the management of urban waste: Automatic Waste System and Linen & Waste System, a system for collecting and transporting dirty linen and medical waste. Following the first important testimonial by the Banca D’Italia for the management of waste paper, new horizons opened for this system.


In the wake of numerous successes achieved so far, Oppent decided to closely explore the opportunities of the Spanish market and in 2003 it opened a branch office in Madrid. Over time, Spain played an increasingly important part in the company business, particularly within the healthcare sector.

1993 – 2003

Business in the 90s continued and gained new impetus within the Mass Market Retail Industry; it was already under way since the mid 80s with the offering of systems to customers such as Metro and La Rinascente. The year 1993 saw the strategic decision by Oppent to start in-house production in order to better meet customers requirements and enhance the opportunities of a rapidly expanding market. The proposed systems allowed automatic transport of money within stores. The results were almost immediate and several supermarket chains gradually became Oppent’s customers: Esselunga, Bennet, Carrefour, Coop, Unes, Sma, Famila and Pam.

It is also during these years that Oppent made its entry into the healthcare market with systems for the automation of internal logistics. In 1995 Oppent obtained the realization of a pneumatic transport system for the S. Paolo Hospital in Savona.

1987 – 1993

In 1987 the arrival of Alberto Beretta, Ettore’s son,  marks a shift in the management of the company to the family’s second generation. From here on a process of profound renewal, which lead to the company growth and consolidation, developed. The generational change was later accomplished with the appointment of Alberto as Managing Director (1998) and the arrival in the company of Marco, another of Ettore’s son, who gradually assumed positions of greater responsibility until becoming Commercial Director in 2003.

1970 -1985

During these years Oppent continued its development in the industry sector by obtaining some important projects for the handling of production samples. The company also established itself in the Banking by offering solutions for the automated handling of documents and money through conveyor belts and pneumatic tube systems. In libraries Oppent introduced automated systems for the management of books: the systems enable automated transport of volumes from storage sites to reading rooms and checkout desks. During this time Oppent also realized, among others, systems for the Banking of Italy’s Library, the Chamber of Deputies’ Library and the Senate Library Giovanni Spadolini.

1960 -1970

It is in the early 60s, the years of the Italian economic miracle, that Oppent emerged for the first time (the name is an acronym for the Italian “Organizzazione posta pneumatica e nastri trasportatori” – Pneumatic mail system and conveyor belts). It practically all began within the domestic walls: Ettore Beretta, driven by a strong passion, threw his heart into his business and overcame all obstacles to establish his own company. The initiative was rewarded from the start: since its very beginnings Oppent immediately earned a respectful position within the market. The first prestigious reference did not take long to arrive: in 1965 it was Falck Steelwork’s turn thanks to the installation of a pneumatic system for transporting steel production samples to the plant’s central laboratory.