Factors such as timely delivery, costs containment, safe handling of materials and quality of transport are essential for the healthcare sector.

Automation of materials transport within the different areas of the facility optimizes delivery times and the workload of the nursing personnel, who can devote themselves more to patient care. The quality of transport in healthcare is essential more than in other sectors, in order to safeguard the integrity of the materials carried, ensuring a high level of hygiene and assuring the health of patients. In the event of urgent shipments, the automation of transport is able to considerably reduce delivery times while ensuring high standards of safety.
In the search for a necessary balance between quality of patients care and containment of management costs, one of the major factor is the optimization of services such as catering, laundry, waste, sterilization, pharmacy, laboratory and general supplies. The use of automation results in significant benefits in terms of high storage density, efficiency in picking operations, protection of materials from external agents and traceability of the goods handled.