Oppent has acquired the mission to automate the internal transports system for the “Santa Maria della Misericordia” hospital in Udine. A pneumatic pipeline system will perform the task of rapid transportation of test analysis samples and blood bags.
Oppent’s installation in Udine will connect the new hospital structure with the old one. The pipe network counts seven lines with a diameter of 160 mm and a total length of 2,900 meters. 25 stations send and receive test tubes, samples and blood bags in full autonomy.
The Hospital Pneumatic Tube System leads to considerable cost savings in relation to management expenses. In light of the significant, and continuous, horizontal expansion of the hospital, the installation of a system for automated transport was deemed necessary in order to connect its new building, including a service centre and laboratory, to the existing part of the hospital that connects all its different areas: operating block, in-patient wards and the day hospital, therapy, sterilisation, surgery, radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, endoscopy, and intensive care.
Furthermore, the installation is based on a revision of the original plan for the hospital, and hence considers eventual future expansions adding further wings. For this purpose, new connections have been foreseen for a future medical ward and infectious disease clinic