Participating in EIRE 2011, Oppent presented its state-of-the-art solutions for garbage disposal: from the pneumatic system for the collection and transport, up to a selection of solutions which, through automation, radically reconsider waste disposal chutes introducing strong innovations.
Automatic Waste System is the system for the pneumatic transport that can revolutionise collection and transport phases of the garbage, creating economic and managing savings and sustainable urban development to the advantage of the community. The main project that will be presented at EIRE is Eurosky Tower’s AWS system, in Rome, the first implementation in Italy of a waste disposal system of this kind for a residential building.

Automatic Waste System  is the system that can strongly innovate the traditional garbage collection in residential areas. It uses a simple operating principle: the garbage is moved from loading stations located in strategic areas of the neighbourhood or inside buildings, and channelled through a network of underground pipes to arrive with pneumatic transport to a central collection point (located far from densely populated areas). At this point, a compactor reduces the storage volume while “activated carbon” filters eliminate foul odours. The compacted waste is placed in special containers ready to be collected and treated.

Eire – Expo Italia Real Estate (7th-9th of June, Milan Exhibition)
EIRE – Expo Italia Real Estate is one of the most important real estate exhibitions in the world and is the preferred event both for public administrations and private investors to integrate in the realtor market. During the event there are meetings among professionals of the various sectors involved, from Property Companies to construction firms, from the biggest industrial groups to service companies, from project developers, plant design firms to financial services.