The Vimercate Hospital, with its 500 beds, spreads over an area of more than 100,000 square meters and, in addition to in-patient wards and intensive and sub-intensive care units, it houses many facilities for diagnosis and treatment. The Hospital is equipped with advanced systems for internal logistics: Hospital Pneumatic Tube System deals with internal automated handling of biological samples, test tubes, drugs and documents.
The system ensures a safe and efficient transport 24 hours a day, relieving personnel from activities such as materials picking and delivery, increasing the amount of time devoted to duties in direct contact with patients. Transport of heavy loads is carried out by Automated Guided Vehicle: vehicles which run an average of 143 km per day, handling a total of about 85 tons of materials and ensuring total automation of the logistics related to catering services, laundry, waste and drugs transport, warehouse supplies and sterilization.