The hospital houses all clinic specialities for adult and child pathologies, with over 200 ambulatories and 70 clinic facilities, which make Niguarda Hospital a regional, national and international reference model. With more than 4,100 professionals, including 750 physicians and over 2,000 operators including nurses, medical and rehabilitation technicians and midwives, the hospital has a total of 1,285 beds over an area of 333,635 square meters and is one of the most active Transplant Centers in Italy. The redevelopment has led to the creation of a modern logistics centre, interconnected through a network of underground tunnels: in order to optimize internal transports and pharmaceutical warehouse management, the facility has adopted latest generation automation systems.
Hospital Pneumatic Tube System used for extemporaneous dispatch of small size goods, works thanks to a 5 km long pipeline network. Electric Track Vehicle, a system able to manage the handling of 160 carts along 4 km electrified track, has been installed to handle ordinary transport of up to 10 kg of materials. Automation also involved the logistics of all hospital trolleys used for food, linen, waste, pharmacy, supplies and sterilization. Automated Guided Vehicle is able to run about 1,000 journeys a day, transporting loads up to 500 kg, over a distance of more than 2 km. Automated Storage System is a system able to manage the storage of drugs and medical devices, for a total volume of about 125 cubic meters.