The Gaslini Institute is the largest pediatric hospital in Northern Italy: built on the coastline, its 22 buildings are spread over more than 73,000 square meters with a park which covers two-thirds of them. Gaslini Institute employs over 2,000 people including doctors, nurses, academics and researchers. On average, there is a total of 500 beds, approximately 50,000 admissions per year with over 40,000 accesses to the 2nd level ER.
Due to the particular structure of the Institute and its multiple areas, great attention has been devoted to the design of an automated transport system linking laboratory areas to in-patients wards, emergency room and reanimation room. Hospital Pneumatic Tube System, thanks to its pipeline network, meets the hospital’s handling requirements: with more than 130 deliveries per day, the system automatically handles biological samples and blood bags every day and significantly contributes to the reduction of Turn Around Time.