The hospital, also known as “Hospital City” is located in Contrada Amoretta on a 140,000 square meters area, with a catchment area of 500,000 inhabitants and 5,000 daily visitors. The Hospital City’s four complexes have a total of 570 beds, 21 operating rooms, 2 delivery rooms and 4 labour rooms. The outdoor green area occupies a surface of 2500 square meters. Spread over four different hospital complexes situated in different parts of the urban area, in 2005 the Hospital undertook a process of restructuring and merging of its various facilities, composing a veritable modern and functional citadel of health inaugurated in December 2010.
The merging process also included a reorganization of internal logistics flows, optimized thanks to the Hospital Pneumatic Tube System, dedicated to the automated handling of small size goods such as laboratory samples, blood bags and drugs.