Italy - Como
Sant’Anna Hospital is situated in the plain of “Tre Camini” (Three Chimneys), an area of more than 22 hectares. Opened in October 2010, this facility includes approximately 600 beds, more than 20 operating rooms and a landing station for air ambulances. Highly technological and environmentally conscious, the hospital makes use of collection tanks and employs an advanced natural gas powered co-generation system. Consistently with the facility’s high level of technology, great attention has been paid to internal transport systems:
the adoption of Hospital Pneumatic Tube System, a pipeline network which stretches over 1,600 meters, reaching all 5 levels of the new hospital with several interlinked lines and connecting the ER and the pharmacy to all departments. The system guarantees short time deliveries of laboratory samples and results – travel between two stations placed at the facility’s opposite ends takes about 40 seconds –  with a considerable reduction in waiting times.